Awkward Silence Game


This hilariously uncomfortable game lets you share how you really feel, potentially destroying age-old relationships in the process. Your friends will explode with laughter or squirm uncomfortably through an awkward silence. It doesn't get more mortifying than this.

Can you restrain yourself while being accused of the unthinkable?

The aim of this game is all in the name. Stay silent while one of your "so called" friends call you out. If you do manage to bite your tongue into the next accuser's turn, the card becomes your to keep (think of it as a badge of honor.) The person with the most cards at the end of the game becomes the awkward silence champion.

  • Contains 52 awkward cards
  • 52 VERY awkward cards,
  • Pointer
  • Full Instructions

This hysterical, nearly intolerable, game lets you share how you really feel... as you take turns reading from a card and then use the enclosed pointer to identify your victims without saying a word. Can you handle the silence?

  • If you had to choose a person to be stuck in a lift with, who would it be?
  • Who's most likely to marry more than once?
  • Who would you most like to swap lives with?
  • Who do you wish wasn't here right now?

For Ages 18 Years Old and up! Box measures approximately 7.5 inches long x 2 inches deep x 4.5 inches wide. Twisted Games bring to you it's the latest installment from the weird and wonderful minds at NPW. WARNING: MAY DESTROY LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS. Find out who your real friends are, with the Awkward Silence Game.

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