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Have you got what it takes to hold aloft the golden cork. Corks is a fantastic family party game that you can play with up to 14 people. If you want to play with even more, simply add on another Corks game. The more players, the more fun. This fast and furious game of elimination, speed, thought and co-ordination is sure to bring out your competitive side. Don't be the last to grab a cork or you will lose. Inspired by the traditional game spoons, Corks has brightly-coloured playing cards with painted wooden corks to match. Collect a matching set of cards, then grab a cork and watch as everyone else scrambles to snatch a cork to stay in the game. When it's down to the last two players, out comes the golden cork. The final round can be a nail-biter with each player using tactics to throw the other off their game. With three ways to play, once you pick up this awesome game you'll find it hard to put down again. Box Contents: 15 wooden corks 56 Corks game cards

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